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Stream Name: NU Radio
Stream Description: Your House of Music
Content Type: audio/aacp
Stream started: Sat, 19 Jun 2021 16:23:30 +0300
Bitrate: 96
Genre: Electronic
Stream URL:
Currently playing: Disco Funk Spinner - Night Strangers


Album Track Creator Title
Tornado Wallace - Today (Feat. Sui Zhen)
NU Radio - Your House of Music
Thinte Rosh - Grand Finale
Aiiso - City Lights
Rob Made, Sugar Hill & Wasabi - She Know's
Dave Dk - Jelly Legs
Mabiisi - Baakoya (Dj Satelite Horizonte Mix)
Funk Hunk - Get Up
Lost Desert & Lee Burridge - Suzan's Lunch
Disco Funk Spinner - Night Strangers